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Life Skills at the L.I.F.E. Academy

Life Academy student learning Cooking Life SKillsThe goal of the Goodwill L.I.F.E. Academy is to teach our students life skills, blending academics along with daily living, social activities, and occupational skills so that our students can live as independently as possible after graduation.

To promote well-rounded graduates, our life skills activities include homemaking, grooming and hygiene, manners, communication, money handling, self-advocacy, community involvement, safety, transportation, and environmental awareness. Students also have the opportunity to participate in our school's vocational transition program.

Life skills are often taught within thematic academic units. By integrating academics, life, and vocational skills together, L.I.F.E. Academy students learn actively, in a way that is natural to them.

Many of our students will live or work in a cooperative environment as adults. We participate in activities that encourage teamwork between L.I.F.E. Academy students.